nce upon a time, there was a kingdom where all fairies lived. All fairies had magical powers and they varied from one to another. There were fairies who could breathe fire, while others could freeze water into ice in an instant. Some fairies could make themselves invisible, while others could camouflage. The fast fairy that could fly almost as fast as the speed of light that every time it activated its lightning speed, everything around seemed standing still including TIME itself. That was AMAZING! There were fairies that changed shapes, taking forms of other objects, and there were fairies that heal themselves very quickly and protruded claws from their fists… Yes yes yes, I know what you are thinking, our fairies had special powers just like the X-men from the 20th Century Fox movies did. But you know what, our fairies did not live with the human like the X-men did. And that really bothered the fairies.

One day, the fairies were gathered together and one fairy said: “the kingdom is so dull without the human, we all have super powers but we can use them for anything”. Another fairy followed: “Yeah, what's the point of having special powers when we can’t use them for anything. When everyone has power, it is not special anymore, and it’s boring.” And all the fairies agreed that they would ask the Fairy Godmother to create the human with no magical powers so that the human could appreciate how special the fairies were.

Fairy Godmother thought for a while then said: “Alright, I will create the human, but in order to avoid the chaos that you may cause to the human, I will place some conditions. You will only have your magical powers when you are younger than the age of 5. After that age, your magical powers will start fading away and when you reach adulthood, you’ll become boring human and you will have to live within all kinds of rules set out by the society. In fact, 0-5 years is the only time in your life when you can live free from hardly any rules. You can explore, you can create and you can be whatever you want to be in your imagination although there will be angels watching you from a far to make sure you don’t harm yourselves.” And then the Fairy Godmother created a Fairy kingdom for the 0-5 year olds, the human adults with no magical powers but only memories of how fun and creative they once were. And they all lived happily ever after.


"The creative adult is the child that has survived"

Ursula K. Le Guin - Islington

We are proud to be one of the oldest privately owned childcare centres in Revesby that has been serving the children in our community for 30 years. Some of the parents whose children now go to our centre used to attend Fairy kingdom themselves. Over the years, management has changed and educators have changed, but one thing remains the same. That is charm from our little cosy centre that draws parents and children to our centre. It is difficult to specify what that charm is or where it comes from. It is most likely a combination of a number of factors, whether physical and non-physical, that made up our centre.


The cosy factor: It is the warm and fun environment that makes the children feel just like home. Our children feel like they are going to a play date rather than going to a school, and who wouldn’t want to go to a play date?

“For the first time, my son actually likes to go to childcare centre. He said to me every morning, even in weekend, Mom, can I go to Fairy kingdom please?” Sandy Tran.



It is the natural light and natural garden out door. We are one of a few centres in Sydney metro areas that have the highest outdoor play area per child ratio. Our outdoor space ratio is 25 sqm per child versus 7 sqm per child as stipulated by the regulation. And it is not just the size of the outdoor space, it is also the natural native Australian plants that creates the attraction.


And last but not least, it is the invaluable personal connection between the parents and our educators. It is the trust we have proudly earned from parents who believed in us. It is the promise to put our children first built upon integrity from all of our educators over their years of experience.

“I have never seen any centre in my experience that all the children hug and kiss their teachers every afternoon when they leave the centre for home” Tina Hoang.